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Clt United Youths Soccer Academy
Published Sep 26, 2021

Juggle your busy schedule with CLT united academy ! CLT united soccer leagues include a one-day a week curriculum that allows your child to develop the fundamentals of the game as well as build on their skills as they grow. soccer is quickly becoming one of the most popular youth sports in the Charlotte North Carolina. We implement a strict no heading policy to help protect the safety of young athletes and to shift their focus to other aspects of the game that are fundamentally more important to learn in the adolescent stages. 

The CLT united academy curriculum includes drills and game play designed for all skills levels. CLT united soccer programs stand out from other soccer leagues because of the focus on player safety. As your kids progress through the program, they will build on their skill development and understanding of teamwork. We are committed to both teaching the sport as well as instilling the values of good sportsmanship in a fun environment at all ages.

Age-appropriate instruction emphasizing fun and healthy competition.
Weekly sportsmanship lessons taught and recognition given to a player on each team.
All skill levels welcome – No tryouts. No drafts.
Everyone plays – every game.
Two days per week – practice is conveniently scheduled prior to the game.
Trained officials at every game.



Clt United Youth teams will play excellent competition in Charlotte Leagues. Our teams will  modeled after collegiate and professional programs, with emphasis on teamwork, discipline, and dedicating themselves to the sport. Playing for Clt united gives our youths the experience of competing at the highest possible level.


2- Programs

Clt united additional programming offers all players a truly soccer experience. We provide age-appropriate, curriculum-based training programs with activities and games that facilitate the teaching of the technical and tactical aspects of soccer. Our additional programs are open to the general public; players do not need to be on an Clt united team to participate.